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Vehicle Wraps

What To Know Before You Start

Full vehicle wraps are what we specialize in here at Stick It Graphics Vehicle Wraps. A  full wrap is when we cover the four sides (in some cases, the top as well) of your vehicle or trailer with a printed or color change vinyl coating.

The process to properly wrap a vehicle is as follows:

  1. Establish what we are wrapping and the areas to be covered.  
  2. Determine the goals of the vehicle wrap or mural project
  3. Meeting with our in house Marketing Department to establish what the parameters of the design will be.
  4. Meeting with our in house Graphic Design department to discuss the method of creating a design that will project the marketing concepts.  (This is important because most sign shops have graphic designers and not marketing experts)
  5. Determine if any in house Professional Photography will be required for products and or menu items.
  6. Create a Wrap Plan that will now establish how the item will be wrapped in vinyl as well as what additional materials will be used.  Paint, liner material, sheet metal fabrications and plastic-dip can and may be used as well.
  7. Review the current condition of the surface to be wrapped and create an action plan of what will be required in order to be prepped for vinyl wrap installation.
  8. Create a verified template that is an accurate size of the coverage area.
  9. Create a mock up design thru a back and forth online process with our customer to finalize a design that will provide successful marketing results.
  10. Print, plot and laminate the project vehicle wrap vinyl.
  11. Prep and clean the vehicle or areas to be wrapped.
  12. Installation of vehicle wrap project
  13. Quality-control inspection
  14. BIG REVEAL DAY!  A celebration like you have never seen.  This is only to be seen on your pick up day!

Pre Wrap Preparation

The importance of a Wrap Ready Surface

“Only as strong as your weakest link”

In order for vinyl to properly adhere to your vehicle or item, the surface should be clean of any loose materials, rust, dirt, sap, wax, silicone or any other non-paint areas. Vinyl will adhere to bare metal but the manufacturer doesn’t always suggest doing so. The optimum surface to apply wrap to is a clean and dirt/grease free enamel or oil base painted surface. Latex paint is OK if the item being wrapped is a mural wall or something that will not be exposed to the outside elements. But if the paint is not in the best of condition, you run the risk of the paint being lifted off the item in spots during the installation process and this can leave air pockets that will not be able to be repaired.

The reason is that as we are applying the vinyl, we have to semi stick the vinyl to the surface and reposition it as we go. This means we are lifting the vinyl back up in many areas and if the paint is weak, it will come up when we are repositioning the vinyl. The paint chip is now stuck to the back of the vinyl and this will make that area of the vinyl unable to be redheaded anywhere else. The only way to fix this would be a patch or reprinting a new piece of vinyl at the customers cost. So if you are pre prepping the item we are wrapping, please be sure to have all loose paint removed ahead of time.

Once again, if the surface we are applying the vinyl to is ever to lift or peel, then the vinyl will lift and bubble in that area along with it. Vinyl wrap will not stop paint or clear coat from pealing and it won’t cover deep scathes and chipped paint.


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Application & materials

Stick It Graphics Vehicle Wraps is NOT a sign shop or an automotive speed shop doing wraps as a sideline offering.

We ONLY deal in vehicle wraps and because of that, we will always deliver better quality and service to our customers who require a wrap that will actually be a successful marketing tool for their business. Dealing with any other shop thats not 100% all wraps is like going to a dentist when you require brain surgery. This wrap project is very important to the health of your business, you need a vehicle wrap specialist. We are that vehicle wrap specialist and it shows in our work as well as our reputation. You may get a little bit of a lower price from those other guys, but you will also receive a lower quality result.

Increase your companies bottom line by installing a custom vehicle wrap that is designed, printed and installed by CT’s best vehicle wrap installation company!

We only use the highest quality vehicle wrap for your project. Keep in mind that some shops will dazzle you with brand names that you may be familiar with but keep in mind that Mercedes Benz also offers a “C” class model that bears the Mercedes name but lacks all the quality.

We actually stand by all of our materials and installs for 5 years with our 5 year free maintenance plan. The 5 year “guarantee” most other shops speak of is only the fact that you can safely remove the vinyl within 5 years.  

With over 10 years of successful wraps under our belt, why chance it with anyone else?

How Do Our Wraps Hold Up?

The high quality of our work speaks for itself! A professional surface prep and vinyl wrap installation is key but we also only use high end vehicle Avery Dennison Vinyl Vehicle Wrap and laminate.  We believe this material will always deliver long-lasting results!

No lifting, No bubbles and UV resistant!

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